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    SharePoint and J4T


      Hi guys,


      Are there any plans to bring over the SharePoint connectivity capability into Jive Cloud?



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          Hi Chris,


          Great question. We do in fact have plans to get this module released for cloud later this year but someone on our product team could probably speak in more detail around this than myself. Olivia Teich or Adam Mertz, can you give a bit more clarity around Sharepoint within the cloud.


          If I can make a suggestion as well Chris, many users are finding that Jive Anywhere is a quicker and easier way to integrate with 3rd party, browser based systems like Sharepoint or CRMs. Simply navigate to the document or page you're interested in, open the Jive Anywhere tab and you can both see what existing content relates to what you're looking at and bring in new content on the spot to link back to the initial page.