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    Jive 5 an opportunity...


      We are in the process of migrating to Jive 5, we are very excited about the change and we are looking at using it as an opportunity to re-engage the community. Taking some tips from here Jive 5: not a "sequel" but a "reboot"


      I am hoping to hear from the Jive community about how they have used the upgrade to "reboot" their community. We are particular interested in reaching out the haters or those who have convinced themselves Neo is facebook for Pearson. We are excited about the new features and we want to make sure we utilise the opportunity we have.


      We have a small marketing budget too and would love to hear about the ways in which you introduced Jive 5 to your communities.


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          Great question, Kim, as it's exactly how we want to frame our upgrade, but just later in the year.

          While I can't size each, we too, have camps of lovers and haters. It's like Red and Blue states when you know the biggest group may be the independents in Purple.

          How can a reboot give them a fresh look at the value of the platform and not get everyone caught up in the rhetoric of whether or not it's Facebook (aka the F-word)?
          I'll be watching this thread closely and hope to hear from others who have migrated.

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              So far I have put together a survey of all the people who have joined the company we have asked them about how they were introduced to Neo, so we can make sure it is covered in inductions, we have asked them about their experience and also asked them about help and support. This is going to help us to make sure we improve our help area as part of the upgrade.


              Like you though I am more concerned with the users who still don't "get" our social business tool.


              Once again we will be targeting our engagment plan to Execs, middle managment and grass roots.


              So if anyone out there has already broken the ground and is willing to share please post back Patrick Durando and I will be eternally grateful.