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    Thank You: Our Experience with Jive PS

    Jeffrey Murnan

      I want to publicly thank the Jive team for their outstanding professional services work.  I am happy to report we went live today with our new customer community.


      We migrated our GE hosted customer community to a Jive hosted customer community and upgraded from 4.0 to 5.0.3 all at the same time.  This was a huge and complex task that team executed amazingly well.


      We hit a few snags along the way and the Jive team went way above and beyond to make it a success.  They worked late Friday and through the weekend to help us reach our goal.  We are beyond excited to see what the future holds with our new community and we could not have done it without the strong partnership with Jive.


      Special shout out to Victor Soares, Cory Gagliardi, and Jason Hansen for really hustling to make it happen.


      Thank you,

      Jeff Murnan

      GE Healthcare