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    Header size regression when running the CMR plugin?


      One of our end users reported this to us:



      "I noticed lately that H2 elements are not being rendered as I would expect; they display smaller than H3 elements (see this test document). Doing some analysis, I realize the problem is that it's not displaying 1.77em font size (the H2 style in +jive-global.css+), but 18 px (the style in +jive-analytics.css+, +#jive-body H2+ to be specific). If I disable the +#jive-body H2+ style rule in my browser's web developer tools, it displays as it should. Would it be possible to solve this inheritance issue soon? Currently, H2 elements are not visually identifiable as such."


      Based on our user's description, this should be hitting everyone using CMR on 4.5 (like us) - unless there's been a fix already that we haven't applied.  I haven't found one so I'm posting here to let other users know.