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    Help us get Jive to provide the ability to easily create a personalised banner graphic for a Group or Space or Homepage


      Making Community members feel 'at home' in certain areas of a community (i.e. Groups) is really important - it gives them affinity, confidence and reassurance to contribute. For this reason, the ability to easily personalise/brand these areas with graphics is important. A typed heading just doesn't create much of a connection!


      In our site we did some development work on the Main and Group homepages so they could be easily personalised to better reflect the type of group/space/community better and give members the comfort they are posting in the right area.

      We have achieved the following results seen below through customisation of the 'Create a Group' page in 4.5.7 but think this should be a standard Jive feature in 5.0/6.0 going forward. If you agree please vote your approval of the idea at https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/3052







      Screen shot 2012-07-13 at 4.04.35 PM.png


      Screen shot 2012-07-13 at 4.06.56 PM.png


      Screen shot 2012-07-13 at 4.10.22 PM.png