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    Why do links show up in activity, but links from an @place do not?!


      I thought I was being good by @mentioning a place link to my getting started guide, but those do not show up as a link in someone status.


      Because the activity feed preview is slightly obscure and not very easy to use, it's certainly not clear to new users that they have to 'expand' or 'preview' the preview to see any @links.?!!?? Obscure UX things like this are a massive hurdle to adoption.  As a number of people have pointed out to me, if the user needs training for such simple things they will never engage with it.


      No wonder the new users I've been trying to help out have not been looking at the guides I've been trying to send them to.  I'll just have to paste in the full page link instead, which will show up fine.


      As you can see, the  'video embedding' should link to a document as it does if I 'expand' the preview.   Oh actually this comment was about how a video link just shows as a little video link grey box, and not the thumbnail like if you embed in normal content.



      If I just paste a url, it does work though....