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    Can we have ALL user in our community known by their Username/Alias?


      We have an External community with consumers who do not like to give out their real names in the community. All of our employees have a forum name(alias) and our customers as well. Jive like to be cute and show the user their real name and everyone else their username. This is monumentally buggy and cold cause us great harm. What we really want is to have everyone in the community known by their alias...much cleaner for us.


      Has anyone out there experienced this?

      Is there a way to hard code this?

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          We hid first/last name, e-mail address, and some other fields too for privacy reasons in our external community.  Only the username is visible to other users.  To set this up go to: Admin Console > People > Settings > Profile Settings, and see the highlighted settings below.



          We hit two issues: when someone uses the edit option to edit their post it would tack on their real name instead of username (edited by <first last name>, and when someone was at mentioned it would show their real name.  To my knowledge Jive has addressed both issues.  Also, one of the email templates needed to be edited to remove the user's name but that may not be an issue for everyone since emails are generally private.


          Another thing to note is if you are using a System Admin account you will still see real names, e-mail addresses, etc when you are poking around the community.  That threw us off during some testing until we realized what was going on.