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    How to deal with spammers


      Ryan Rutan Vu Doan


      It seems that our community has recently been infiltrated by spammers.  We have tried to mitigate this by blocking user profiles, but the spammers simply continue to create new usernames.  Has anyone else who hosts Jive on premises experienced this or have any idea on how to deal with it?



      Hassan Atassi

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          Hello Ryan,


          We got hit REALLY bad by spammers back in January. We had to close all groups that were 'open' and also engage with Jive to block IP addresses of the Spammers. Are these the 'watch live' spammers? They have a team of programmers offshore who do the spamming.


          We got hit with with several thousand spam posts over a weekend.


          If I can help feel free to email me: sli@qliktech.com

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            If you are on premise, any luck detecting IP ranges of the attackers?  Perhaps there is an easy block you can institute to get ahead?

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              This doesn't sound like fun and part if the problem might be that the community seems like an easy target: once word gets out that users can post without having their content deleted too quickly, they all come running.


              Make sure you have Google alerts setup for spam terms (see List of Frequently Use Spam Terms) so that you're notified promptly of any abuses thus allowing you to take action quickly. Update your community's blacklist with spam terms that should never make their way onto the site and interceptors for terms that are iffy (i.e. suspicious terms that might also be used legitimately).


              Besides this, just keep an eye on the new user and content streams: spam usually sticks out pretty clearly even with a quick glance.


              Good luck!



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                  IP Banning is an effective means to address automated Spam.  Beyond that, you'll need to look at your operational controls (registration, moderation, human input validation...) to stave off the mass spamming.  Communities like Facebook and LinkedIn that are closed are examples of extremes on this spectrum.

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                  IP banning is definitely an option, however it is not optimal.  As some of our internal people have pointed out, IP addresses will change over time.  Especially on dynamic hosts like AOL, TW, etc.  Spoofing IP addresses is possible as well.  So is using an anonymizing network like Tor to post requests from somebody else's IP.  Also, many IP addresses are just a part of a big dynamic NAT pool so you may be inadvertently blocking legit users by blocking the bad ones.

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                      I am aware of the limitations of IP Banning =); however, even with its limitations, it cant be denied that it helps.  The trick is to not over-use it, or use it smartly.  Especially when it comes to automated bots, etc... as those attacks tend to originate from the same source.  When it comes to manual spam, that is where you need to take measure a bit more closely, such as the other options I listed above.  Locking down and confirming human input registration (i.e. captcha), enabling moderation for yourself and your community advocates to invoke (i.e. Report Abuse functionality), and having eyes on the community are definitely tools that need to be employed to get the best coverage possible.