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    How do I get accurate data?


      A question for the education team analytics group. I have a number of things I'd like to know in order to assess the effectiveness of our communications:


      1. How many hits am I getting per day to a particular document and is the trend increasing? We are trying different strategies to market this document, but I am not sure they are working. Where can I view a trend of "views" on one document, like this one: http://costarslive.com/docs/DOC-4670 . The data should include the number of times this document is viewed from a mobile and a desktop computer. Most of our users are mobile. Ideally, I'd like to know what links they are clicking on from that document as well.  I am now using analytics traffic sources for this.
      2. How many log ins I get per day, mobile and desktop combined. Even if I could just get a number on how many users log in to mobile and manually add it to the desktop log ins, I'd be happy.
      3. How many users have clicked through our homepage's content slider to get to a story?


      There may be many ways to get at this data. I have installed Google Analytics, but I cannot seem to track by specific document types. We are also using the community manager tool, but I don't know how to get these tools to work for me to produce the kind of information we need.


      Appreciate any help you can provide!