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    Recommender Service: unable to connect



      On a fresh install of Jive SBS the recommender service is not working (unable to connect).

      In the /usr/local/jive/var/logs/eae-service.log there are a lot of entries like


      [CheckRecommenderForCommandThread] WARN [] com.jivesoftware.eae.http.client.HttpClient - dispatch error:   path: /api/data/v1/message,   metaProperties: X-JIVE-SYSTEM-ID=bef53004-0a32-4fdf-8ae1-f0cea717d19d-dev,   request: ,   cause: dev-reco-ingress.jiveland.com [UnknownHostException]


      I thought the recommender service needs to connect to the servers in.genius.jivesoftware.com and out.genius.jivesoftware.com (which I'm able to ping from all jive-servers (web app, activity engine, cache server)) ???

      But Jive tries to connect to a server dev-reco-ingress.jiveland.com which is not reachable.


      What's wrong and where can I configure the recommender service server? Via Admin-console I can only enable or disable the recommender service.