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    Hiring Internal Community Managers?

      Hello! We have been on a pilot for a few months and the Board have recently approved roll out. Interface is a global company and the main pitch for Jive was about how to better connect out 4,000 Associates across regions and functions. We are working on use case and pilot learnings right now and will be building the Implementation Team in the next few weeks. We have been IT islands thus far so I'm very excited about what an internal community can do for the us. Bring on the revolution!


      I would be interested to tap into this Group's expertise on:


      Is it best to have the community manager appointed during the Plan & Build phase?


      Where does the Community Manager role usually report? Comms? Marketing? Main Board? It seems a rather special hydrid-type person who can do this role effectively so we have been pondering where they shoudl report.


      Do multinational companies usually have more than one Community Manager to cover APAC, EMEAI, Americas?


      Are Internal Community Managers usually internal hires with an existing internal network?

      Is there a rule of thumb for the amount of Community Manager time needed? I heard 1.5 days per 1,000 users as a rule of thumb for external communities? We will have between 3,000 and 4,000 users so my assumption is 1 FTE will be sufficient.


      Thanks in advance for any experiences you might be able to share. I'm sure there will be lots of 'right answers' depending on the Company culture an SBS objectives, but I'd be interested to hear your stories. Hope to meet some of you in person at Jive World!