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    User Group Meeting - Thrive on Jivethir


      Thanks again to Brad Warren and Steve Golab for hosting the user group last Thursday!


      I had a question about the thrive on jive experience for Ryan Rutan.  Is this a plug in that is available?  In the discussion New Look: Thrive on Jive? it sounds like this is just available on the jive community but it sounded like this was something that we could configure and implement on our own communities.  Was that wishful thinking? :-P


      Overall a great experience at the user group, the Cirrus Logic folks came away pretty amped up about what we can do to enhance our internal community.


      I hope to see you all at jive_world12

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          The Thrive on Jive Plugin is a plugin built for the Jive Community by me.  If you are interested in a very similar service, you can reach out to our Professional Services organization, they can provide you a proposal using the existing code base as a guide.  Unfortunately, the value of this plugin was very much tied to the goals and objectives of the JC, and I didn't have time to make it ultra-generic and adaptable.


          I'm glad to hear that the Cirrus Logic team is amped and they enjoyed the event.  Definitely let us know how we can keep that energy alive.   In person, or online. =)


          Hope this information helps,