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    How can I use Jive as a Work Request Queue? Any ideas?

      My department is about to develop  a work request queue for medical informatics requests, ranging from request for training, analytics, queries, research, etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  One thought is to connect a department group to the JIRA interface.  Any other ideas?


      Thank you!

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            Ryan Rutan

            There are a couple of solutions that exist, and they all depend on the details of how far down the work request queue path you are wanting to go.  Obviously, at some point it makes sense to actually get a piece of software that is specifically designed for this function; however, there are lots of ways to walk down this path a way in Jive using OOTB constructs and some elbow grease.


            Off the top of head, you can:

            • You've always got Projects/Tasks that can work to some degree.  It's more of an agreed units of work that need to be done, but could be applied to a work queue in some use-cases.
            • Leverage questions/answers paradigm ... unanswered questions = not done, answered = complete.  Use this feature inside a project, and you can add on "featured questions to indicate which actions are currently under way".
            • Documents.  Using things like the QuickTemplates - Plugin you can make template work documents and a tagging/category system in a place, and float tags on and off of each document to maintain queue state.  Note:  QuickLinks Plugin could also help here, by providing immediate access to content slices in the community.
            • Last, the standard Document ledger....FIFO...cross off ledger with @mentions for designating ownership...crossing out lines...and using drag-drop table row re-order to keep 'the plate' organized.  Document can be surfaced on a place overview page with a View Document Widget for clear visibility.


            That's all I got off the top of my head, but like I said...the devil is in the details ... depending on the requirements some of these may be more than enough ... and/or fall short completely.  Hope it helps =)