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    Jive iPhone App - Push Notifications Bug?


      Background/Context: I have Jive iPhone app installed and have only our internal communities on it. I am also a user on the Jive6 (alpha).


      Issue: For one of the responses I got for a status update I did on Jive 6, I got a push notification on my iPhone app. Now I am unsure how my Jive iPhone app picked it up that I am on Jive6 and sent me a notification on the app, when I don't even have that site registered or accessed (ever) from the iphone app.


      Confused and found it a little creepy - how does my iphone app know I am on Jive6 and has access to my account there and is pushing notifications from there!


      Brian Gil since you are on Jive6 - you should be able to see my status update here - https://preview-jive.jiveon.com/people/nikhilnulkar/status/1284 and here is the screenshot of the push notification from my iphone.