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    Why don't events show up in the project calendar widget?




      It's blatant omissions from expected and obvious functionality that makes it so hard to defend this product sometimes.


      I've created some workshop sessions as events, but they don't show up in the calendar widget.


      I could remove the widget and tell people to look at the calendar tab....... but, you guessed it...... tasks and chekpoints don't show up on that.


      Maybe the real question should be, what is the point of Jive's 'project' implementation?  It's barely even useful for the most basic of tasks.

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          Ryan Rutan

          The #1 explanation for this (IMO) is primarily due to the fact that the Events Module is not a core product, and as such, it is not a best practice to override behavior of the core product in a plugin (as it can lead to upgrade challenges).   In thinking about ways to make the plugin work better with core, in regards to "calendarable" items ... the only realistic suggestion I can think of is for the Events Calendar Tab to detect if it is in a Project, and if so...to display any checkpoints and tasks associated to the project.  Not a bad use-case, but something that we'll need to talk with the development team for that module and see how that aligns with future direction etc.  Overall, the Events Module is not a "calendar" module...it is a module geared towards managing events, the calendar view just happens to be the best way to visualize this data-type, and coincidentally..also works for tasks and checkpoints.


          At the core, I think a feature request is brewing here, I've started one: Calendar Tab with Dynamic Content-Type Support for all Places


          As for the projects implementation, I know there are some improvements slated in coming releases (actual release details unknown), which I know personally will be well received by many of us who use the projects implementation regularly, and wish it could do just a bit more.