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    Move content from group to new sub-space them merge with existing space?


      Hello I have a group which has several hundred pieces of content which need to be moved to a sub-space. I understand the only option is to move everything manually. I began moving the content but the problem is that now the content looks new even though its older and displays at the top of the recent content aggregator widget. This is causing a confusing user experience for my members, even though I posted a message. I don't want to delete the content and these seem to be my only options:


      1) Create private sub space, manually move all content here then merge with the target sub-space which will still result in a block of old content displaying at the top of the target page.


      2) Move only a few pieces of content a day.


      3) Move only content which is less than 5 months to target space, then move rest of content to private sub space which may result in broken links for the content owners.


      Do I have any other options here as none of these seem like a good user experience. I can see posts from numerous other community managers for simliar issues. I can only imagine as our communities continue to grow and adjust to member needs that we will need to move content in a bulk manner. Any of you experienced this issue?