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    Wondering out loud re Jive as a website


      Noticing more and more breakdowns in the overall performance of the web-ability of the Jive software, especially as it relates to Safari on my iPad, Chrome on my iPad, and Chrome on my Windows box. I'll focus on the iPad since this is the work platform of choice for more people at Good.


      THis seems odd to me since most of the Jive'rs I have met work on Apple products. What I'm discovering more and more is a strange implementation of HTML to be the culprit. While the Problems are most prevalent on iOS, I do see issues on my Chrome/IE/Windows laptop as well.


      WHat I'm wondering is, am I alone in seeing this? Are the other users of Jive satisfied with the performance of Jive(as a website, not a community, or am I supposed to turn a blinds eye? 


      THe problems ?

      • NOtice the double cap on all new lines? That's one
      • DIsappearing cursor/current location indicator
      • FLoating panes that become 'disconnected' to the other panes in a given window set
      • NEw comments that become hidden under the bottom of the current window and needs to be re-loaded to render correctly.

      ANd that's just the list since writing this list.


      ANy comments?


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          Mike, I dont think the answer is to turn a blind eye by any means.  I know that Jive is committed to nailing a first in class mobile UX to complement its web experience.  These questions are however best answered by product management (of which I have forwarded this thread along), and we'll see what their official answers are.  I'd suspect that any issues that you find would best be filed as cases in your support group and we can get eyes on the issues and track the resolution/response.

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            Hi Mike,

            As Ryan indicated, please file cases as that's helps us prioritize our efforts.  Many of the items cited above are slated to be fixed (or are already) in Jive 6 but nonetheless having a customer report the problems ensures that more attention will be paid to them.


            I do want to make sure you're aware of the alternative experience available to you.  Good has licensed the Jive Mobile module which does include an alternative UX for iPad.  Good has opted to not automatically redirect users into that experience so you must enter the mobile URL into Safari.  I'll shoot you that info privately.


            To net it out, this is the summary of the iPad options currently:

            • An iPad-optimized experience which meets the needs for Inbox and activity stream consumption, light content authoring such as personal notes, discussions, status updates, and comments, and includes search across people, places and content.
              • Like our phone apps, the experience can be themed with your logo and colors.
            • If a more complete Jive set of capabilities is desired, forego the HTML5 mobile web app and utilize the full UI.  We recommend using the latest version of iOS for the best possible experience.
              • As you noticed, certain interactions and functions will not work properly as they were designed for a click, not a tap.
              • Flash-dependent features such as document preview will not function nor will features unsupported by the browser itself such as file upload.
              • On the plus side, since it is the experience everyone's used to on the desktop, users will instantly recognize how to use the app and the effort expended to tailor Jive to uniquely suit your needs will carry through to the device.


            Looking ahead, we are committed to delivering a leading, purpose-built iPad experience with a more complete feature set.  This is certainly an area of increasing investment for Jive and I am personally very interested in hearing directly from anyone on how the next-generation Jive on iPad experience could unlock unique value for their organization.


            Please reach out to me directly if you'd like to chat more about that effort.


            Thank you,


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                Brian and Ryan -

                Appreciate your thoughts, and yes, I need to enter these as cases. But I was interested in hearing from users on how they have dealt with these problems - especially those of us who have to hold off the angry hoards of users in our own companies who bombard us with "this doesn't work right" kinds of emails. Since this is a 'community', I was hoping to have a little group therapy session.


                I see is a worsening of the 'web-ness' of the environment from when we first implemented (last Nov) to now. Wish I could pinpoint the exact moment I started seeing more issues, but was too busy to stop and document. Now, as a CM for the company, I'm hamstrung by these issues - and getting some negative push from our users, the great majority of which use an iPad exclusively.


                We have recommended the use of the App for iOS in general, but this is more for data viewing then true participation in the internal community. And since I have to admin the site, I need the full experience of Safari/Chrome on the iPad.


                As I said, I do appreciate the news that some of these issues will be answered in 6. I'll poke around to see if I can find your list of bug fixes in the upcoming release. Features are always good, but making a better Web experience will go a long way in making the 'angry hoards' happy again.