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    CMR Help for Participating Users

    John Schwiller

      CMR Help says Participating includes rating. But I've seen Participating described as 'publicly putting your name to something' - so is rating actually included as surely it is anonymous. Apologies if this has been covered here - didn't check first (bad). 


      You can use the User Adoption graph to measure the extent of user engagement with the community over time. You can mouse over the lines in the graph to see actual counts for specific points in time.

      Total Users
      All system users who have not been disabled.
      Active Users
      Users who have viewed at least one item in the previous 30 days.
      Participating Users
      Users who have commented, liked, rated/voted, edited, or created content in the previous 30 days.
      Contributing Users
      Users who have created new content in the previous 30 days.
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          John Schwiller

          From a Support case with Arnold Benson



          This has been brought up in my weekly meeting with the CMR team and though not set in stone, I do believe we are leaning toward changing the UI to fit your preferred method exactly... personally I agree that the reports should hold back the display until data is ready to show.


          the Help suggests that Rating trips Participated but I'm not convinced ... although CMR-1029 might have screwed that in that I was expecting ratings on day N to appear after 3 am on day N+1 rather than day N+2


          Ratings should indeed trigger a Participation and I do believe your test seemed to fail due to the CMR-1029 bug.