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    Have you defined a "clean up" process for your community?


      Howdy folks!


      We've begun to look at the ins and outs of a "Clean up" activity and related process for our internal self-service Jive environment. This differs somewhat from the perhaps more familiar data-retention / compliance angle.


      One approach we're considering is using some metrics to help raise awareness in the community to keep things "clean and tidy" - removing old / dead groups, updating content, etc. Personally I like this approach as it reinforces our self-service collective responsibility, and encourages our community to make decisions about what should be kept and maintained.


      However that may not be enough, and we're also looking at defining "candidates" for cleanup, such as empty groups, inactivity, etc.. This is where things get more complicated in my mind. As an example, a lack of recent activity in a group or content does not necessarily infer that it is no longer useful.....


      There are also some business drivers such as reducing duplicated content / groups / information, and improving search relevance, which a clean up may or may not contribute towards.


      Right now I foresee a kind of hybrid approach, whereby we define a process to automate removing clear candidates, combined with a proactive community management activity to raise awareness of the need, and reach out and initiate consolidation / clean up activities on a case by case basis for things like duplicate groups (aided by reporting to help us find them).


      For the future I am also thinking along the lines of improved tagging suggestions, "related content" algorithyms, improved UI to highlight existing similar content at the point of authoring, etc, so as to avoid the "problem" getting worse...


      So there's my brain dump, I'd love to hear what you make of it!


      How are you approaching this? Have you come up with a process / methods? Do you use and reports / metrics to measure "cleanliness" and progress?


      Many thanks in advance!