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    A new community member - with a difference...


      Many years ago, when our CEO was leading his first cultural transformation strategy within a leading corporate, he became fascinated about the process of changing attitudes and behaviours across an organisation.  Through trailing several things he learnt a lot about internal communication to engage people.  The message, the medium and the magic became a principle of our organisation today. Because we’ve always argued that internal communication should be less formal, more free and fun than the organisation’s external communications we decided to create character to help bring our community to life  - a charicature of our brand – something that represents the very best of what we stand for – a 'super positive' in terms of personality. It helps to remind us all of what is possible with the right attitude.


      So we created a character (ON2ee) to represent the face of our Online Helpdesk. ON2ee is also to be used to Reward and Recognise contribution from members in their private groups, and also for public contribution e.g. sharing Wow Customer stories to the wider community.


      Thought we would share this with the Jive community - so here is our new team member.


      ON2ee Story.jpg

      We would love to know what you think.

      Logo-and-On2ee (2).png


      About our site

      ON-Brand uses the Jive platform (we call it the ON2net) to invite Clients to be members (groups of 20-200 with no self registration) so they can download learning and development resources we provide them, share their learning experiences, ideas and stories, be given virtual coaching and collaborate with us and other members of our social business community.  Each client has their own private group and is also encouraged to interact in public spaces - we use the analogy the ON2net is like a Hotel.