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    meetups for community members?




      I'm wondering if anyone hosts "meetup"-type after work events for their community members to mingle offline?

      We've taken advantage of the slightly less busy summer months to get people together after work 1x/month. We send invitations to our frequent users, people who attend trainings, a general audience through our platform community and others we think might be interested. We meet at a restaurant bar close to the office, and it's a cash bar so pretty casual.  Though we've only hosted a few of these events, we've been lucky to get a diverse following of staff of different ages (20s-60s) and job profiles, and it's fun to see them making new connections the old fashioned way. (One user even ended up getting a new job following the first happy hour!)

      We took a poll in the community to get ideas for future events, and there is an interest in giving a theme to each upcoming event (although membership wouldn't be restricted) it's just an idea to focus the audience for greater networking purposes. For example, "Community Managers Meetup" or "Bring a non-user friend Night."


      Has anyone hosted these types of events? What worked? What fell flat? What are your ideas for "themes"?



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          Andrew Kratz



          Nice idea, and I don't recall doing anything like this.  I guess it is mainly a local event, right?   I have one thought on this.  In DC, you are in a home office or "hub office" that probably draws in other employees from around the world for meetings from time to time, right?  If you let members know they could clue you in when maybe meetings create travel for them to be in your office.  (Maybe there is a creative way to get this info such as an internal TripAdvisor/TripIt notification people could give.) You could schedule the monthly meetings around those travel periods to draw in users from other offices.  Just like JiveWorld and our client user group meetings help to solidify our virtual relationships.  For your internal community, taking advantage of these opportunities to allow users to meet face to face would likely strengthen your internal community. 



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