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    Using Community for Customer Support


      Hi fellow Community Managers -


      Was curious if there is any documentation on how best to use the Jive out of box features for customer support?


      Right now we have a Support area where our customer service team monitors new content created via private message - when there's new questions in the space they see it in the group shared mailbox - then they go and respond on the discussion itself on our Community.  But, I know there's got to be a much more sophisticated way to handle support in Jive.  Ideally, I'd like to get rid of the mailbox completely and manage all support questions via Community.  Does anyone do this and willing to share their secrets with me?


      Specific questions/process I'd like to nail down:

      1) I would like to use the unanswered questions feature to show the queue of unassigned work - does anyone do this now?

      2) How can I use the @mention feature to pull in other people needed to resolve an issue posted?

      3) Do you have a person looking through all new questions and manually assigning them out

      4) How do you measure?

      5) Do you segment out questions based on type (ie. account, how tos, report a bug, submit feedback ect...)


      Thanks in advance for your help!


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          Hey Nicole Fusz!
          Been following a few of your threads, saw no one has approached this yet.


          You're totally right in thinking there is a better way to approach things that direct messages. I don't think you'll be able to knock out DMs entirely, but if you can establish a best practice (a blog or discussion at the top titled something along the lines of "How to Ask Support") around that... I think you'll see the inbound format change pretty quickly. As soon as people grasp the transparency and value of Jive, it takes off.


          I'll answer your questions best I can. I wasn't able to find anything in a quick search on JC responding to what you asked, but I'll hunt a bit more later.


          1) Short answer: Yes.

              Longer: Yes, totally amazing, best way to do it. We do internally, and I know a lot of companies do. One bit of guidance, around setting this sort of thing up write some sort of best practice (as described above) and designate internally a series of people that have the ability to swing through and mark things correct or assumed answered when they have been dealt with. I would identify this practice (your CS team managing) in both internal and external best practice documents so there are no customers going "What the heck?"


          2) Just like this: Nicole Fusz Remember, @mentions send notifications to people. As long as your team is on top of their inbox's, they'll see the notification pretty quickly. Really effective... probably one of the greatest features of Jive.


          3) I think this really depends on the scale you're talking about. How big is your team, and how many questions do you handle per day?


          4) Are you talking about team performance? Or efficiency compared with pre-Jive handling of questions? Can you elaborate here?


          5) There are a couple of different ways to do it, but what you outlined is probably best. In addition, you can segment by product line if you're dealing with a variety of things... what is your org?

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            How is your Jive-based Customer Support solution working out for you?


            I'm managing an external-facing community, and we're seeking to subsume our company's customer support function within it. It would help us a lot if you could give us some tips for what's worked for you and what didn't.


            Many of our community discussions already resemble support queries, but we're lacking the procedures and structures needed for a well-organized support system. Here are a few of the things we're trying to wrap our heads around:

            • How do "service" calls get distinguished from other entries in the community discussion? Is there a flagging mechanism?
            • Who fields those "service" calls and how do they assign them to service engineers?
            • How would we distinguish between hi-priority customers who've paid a lot of money for service contracts, and how do we ensure they get faster service?
            • Should all "service" questions kept out of the community, but then brought back in to build up the knowledge base? How?


            Thanks. - Josh

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                On SCN we've successfully built up a customer support mechanism whereas other community members help answers other user queries.  We also rely on hundreds of volunteer moderators to keep things in check and in the correct space/group.  Over time this has become a very large knowledge base that benefits all stakeholders.


                Of course, not everything can be solved this way and that in itself becomes an answer.  Using keyword interceptors that notify you when they're used + tracking VIPs in communications will help you keep an eye on things in real time so that you can act and reach out quickly. Encouraging the use of tags and categories will help keep thing tidy. 


                Lastly, we also have a second level support team that handles questions coming via eMail. When they can't be directed to somewhere in the community, they're forwarded to someone in the company that can assist.