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    Content vs. Conversations: Do you separate between traditional Intranet and Social Space?>

      Curious to get some feedback on how other folks differentiate their social spaces from their traditional, publishing-based Intranet. We have a SharePoint 2007-based traditional publishing based Intranet, and that's where we drive most people for news, information and updates for and about the company. We tie-in our social business space to that Intranet to act as the platform for conversations and collaboration across the business by way of a prominent front door RSS feed and very visible top-nav inclusion. (We're currently testing the Community Everywhere feature to expose de facto 'comments' sections on published content in our SharePoint site.


      What I see happening though is people utilizing our social platform to go around our traditional publishing routine to post in the social community since Jove's discussion or blog posting editor is far easier and less complicated than SharePoint's more cumbersome process. Understanding that some of this is the natural evolution of things, I'm curious how others have seen that sort of thing erode at their traditional publishing site and what actions were taken to either mitigate or use it to internal comms advantage.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!