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    Sentiment tracking on your external community?

      I am asking this on behalf of a customer. Has anybody integrated their Jive community with a sentiment tracking tool? The specific use case is as follows

      We want our tool to be able to look at what our users are posting and analyze if those posts are negative or positive and other similar trends in the posts. We want a score, graphs, etc on the positivity/negativity of these posts to see if it gets better over time. It also HAS to be available in French, Spanish, German, etc so we have a lot of requirements.


      I have spoken with several people from Jive Product Development and feedback in general is that this in general can get tricky based on how the vendor could get at the data (is it all public or not), language, and of course whether they would have domain specific sentiment (gamers are the best example here of a "sentiment defying dialect" e.g. "that game is sick" is positive)


      With that said would love to hear if anybody has anything to share around this.