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    Activity Counts for a Space in Analytics module


      We're getting some low numbers on our spaces versus our old SP platform.  Is there some scenario we're missing?  I'm using the activity count in the analytics module but we we're starting to wonder if we might be missing people who for example, just browse to the space and view the blog versus clicking on an actual piece of content.  Anyone have some guidance on what we need to do to provide an accurate picture of all the activity within a Space?  I think we're fine not trying to figure out who's getting push content, but were pretty sure even with that, we're missing something.

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          Hi Mike,

          Sorry I missed this when you first posted it.  A couple of things to note about Views.  First, if someone views the overview page of a Group or Space, the View is registered against the Container object (e.g. the Group).  So if you expect a lot of folks are looking at the overview but not at specific content then you should include Views of those Containers.  Second, note that when someone looks in their activity stream they see a variety of content items in the stream.  Views are not registered against these unless the user clicks on "Show More" to expand the whole item.

          I hope this helps.