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    Blocked by "An error occurred while trying to submit your post. Please select an environment."


      I am affected by the same problem as Can't reply after moving thread and others.

      (at least the same symptom, see picture below).

      The irony is that, although other users are affected by the same problem and I can easily see that, this

      very problem prevents me to attach this information to any existing thread.


      But my thread was not even moved around! Browsing people sorted by status

      It didn't have any significant change, yet one fine day it started to refuse any Reply.

      I do notice that I have the same trying to reply to other threads so it must be related to my account somehow.

      But, the beginner user that I am, I have no idea what an environment is and How can I possibly select one

      or another one. For us, users affected, this is just a nasty blocking mysterious bug of Jive!



      The workaround is to keep editing your last reply and adding text to it. So ugly.


      Jive folks, any reaction?

      Does this issue has any associated Jive ticket yet?