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    What do you think the Status Levels in the Jive Community should be?

      This is an open discussion to gather feedback from the community on what themes they might like to see in the status levels.  We plan to make this an ever changing element in the JC over time, so just know that if your idea doesn't get picked this first time...it may be selected again in a later iteration. =)

      Note:  The number of status levels will be fixed to 9 in the Jive Community.  So keep that in mind when selecting a theme.  Also, do not feel obligated to completely define each level in your idea.  Submit what you know, and we'll work with the community to fill in the gaps.

      To kick this off, I'll put my idea into the hat ... I've always been a fan of "karate belts"  In 2007, I started an internal developers group called NINJA (National Instruments Java Authors) which was an internal developer community for Java enthusiasts.  It had 3 Tiers, and 9 Levels.  The tiers were "Assembly of the Virtual Machine", "Order of the Eagle", and "The House of Duke" with color progressions of White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Black belts.   While a bit nerdy, it was received and thought out very well.  We even had corresponding NINJA schwag that we handed out, such as silicon wrist bands with NINJA embossed, and planned (but never executed ,unfortunately) NINJA raids where each level would team up and aim to be the first team to "tag" an designated target (such as an IT Director or Manager).  Quite fun!


      Since Karate Belt are a bit cliche and overdone, I'm totally fine if this isn't the theme...but wanted to at least share something that I've done in the past in hopes that it sparks the conversation! =)

      Update:  Per Tracy's comments here is the current community strata:

      • Novice
      • Greenhorn
      • Beginner
      • Intermediate
      • Advanced
      • Professional
      • Expert
      • Guru
      • Sensei


      For no other reason than that I was proud of the NINJA community, thought I'd share some of the assets I created for that community here:



      (avatars for community)


      Website Logo



      Community Strata

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          Is there a place that the current levels are outlined? That might also help us get some ideas.

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            Hey Ryan,



            Thinking of thematic ranks took me back to an old SEGA classic Toe Jam and Earl where they implemented the rule of 9 progressions into a "funkadellic" scaling


            • Weiner
            • Dufus
            • Poindexter
            • Peanut
            • Dude
            • Bro
            • Homey
            • Rapmaster
            • Funklord



            Obviously this scaling is far from fitting a more sterile ranking construct found for the a world leader in the realm of social business such as JIVE. But it'll be interesting to what other thematic medleys are posted on this discussion.


            On a more serious note I see the participation rankings a road to something bigger than a scoreboard. It's a road map to walk hand and hand with JIVE and it's many facets (Development/Media/*Insert Group*) so that by the end of the scale you have more than simply a lump of points in your pocket, but you've grown in your professional acumen of JIVE as a tool set as well as a platform.


            Leaning back to medieval realm of guilds, I think ranking in JIVE could emulate taking on the craft of social professionalism. That the rank denotes a user's understanding in their progression, as well as their rising aptitude.


            • Novice
            • Apprentice
            • Journeyman
            • Advocate
            • Adept
            • Expert
            • Master
            • Guru
            • Savant


            Thanks for starting up the discussion and look forward to see the other ideas that arise from the JIVE faithful.



            Aaron J. Perrotte

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              I love the funkadelic and medieval guild schemes.


              As a community manager I draw on many models of social systems to understand community members. One model is Spiral Dynamics. It came to mind because it's got a linear progression of 9 levels. Here they are, FWIW:


                The Structure of the Spiral Dynamics World
              vMemeColourTargetThinkingOrientation - Behaviours LifestyleWorld
              Pop %
              Stress Type
              Level 1BeigeMeInstinctiveWild - food, water, shelter, safety, sleep, matingLives for survival0.1%Vulnerability
              Level 2PurpleUsAnimisticSocial - family, tribe, honour, respect elders, ancestors, spiritsLives for past10%Tradition
              Level 3RedMeEgocentricPsychological - power-driven, exploitative, privilegeLives for now20%Fear
              Level 4BlueUsAbsolutisticAbstract - purposeful, authoritarian, dualistic, dogmaticLives for future40%Stagnation
              Level 5OrangeMeMaterialisticEntrepreneurial - strategic, growth & success-driven, acquisitiveLives for gain30%Emptiness
              Level 6GreenUsHumanisticCommunity - harmony, liberty, equality, fraternity, relativisticLives for cause10%Plurality
              Level 7YellowMeSystemicFlexibility - spontaneity, competence, uncertainty, balanceLives for synergy1%Isolation
              Level 8TurquoiseAllHolarchicCompassionate - transpersonal, intuitive, interconnectedLives for wisdom0.1%Contentment
              Level 9CoralAllInfiniteImaginative - otherworldly, transcendent, enlightenedLives for others0%Unknown
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                I love the ideas here. Lots of creative stuff! Unfortunately, I keep coming up with things that aren't good/appropriate, such as: 9 orders of angels (religious=out), or 9 stages of meiosis-- interesting process, boring naming convention (prophase I, telephase I, etc.). But of course, we can always totally make one up. . . I'll keep noodling on it

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                  I need help on levels in this theme suggestion. I personally like it as I would really like to (officially) claim the status of goddess.

                  Mortal, Muse,Titan, Hero, Olympian, Demigod, Mars/Venus, Nepturne/Minerva, Jupiter/Juno