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    Authenticated or not?


      I am seeing some strange behaviour regarding authentication. I have noticed in the past that I have to occaisionally have to authenticate again with my username and password. However, I have noticed recently that I am receiving notifications about content on Jive Community but it is still asking me for my username and password. If I am no longer authenticated then I should not be getting notifications and conversely, if I am getting notifications then I should be already authenticated and not be prompted for my username and password when I try to open the mobile client from the Android notification?

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          The way web authentication generally works is that when you log in to a site, you get a true authenticated session for some duration, typically around 30 minutes, though it greatly varies by web site.  When you actually visit the web site after that authenticated session has expired, there may be something like a 'remember me' cookie that will get you a new authenticated session.  Between your two sessions, you aren't actually authenticated.


          Of course, you wouldn't want push notifications to stop sending if you hadn't used the Jive site for 30 minutes.  So push notifications keep sending even if you don't have an active session... think of it more like Amazon sending you emails about your orders.  You get the email anyway, but when you visit the Amazon site, they'll probably still ask you for your username and password.

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            John Schwiller

            Does Jive/Apple/Google etc know you have logged out? I'm guessing not always, hence your phone going beep a lot?

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                If you explicitly log out from the native (iPhone or Android app), namely by tapping your avatar and choosing to log out/unregister, rather than just not using the app for a while -- then the app will remove your registration from the push notification list and you will no longer receive push notifications for that community.