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    Running with the Bulls: Gamification competition between Company vs.Customers.


      've noticed that for a while JIVE employees didn't post their ranking with their avatar. Instead the jive logo would appear, differentiating community users and JIVE employees. This seemed like a great idea when jivehosting reigns as king with some of the veteran JIVE employees holding the tops of the user rankings.


      As a long time competitor, there's a part of me that enjoys the challenge to forge my merit in the JIVE community with active participation and discussion. Ultimately there's nothing that holds me back from running with the professionals at JIVE and not just my fellow JC brethren.


      However, in our use case at DISH, it seems to be a bit off kilter to encourage our user base to become more active with a point scale that seems otherworldly (compliments of a team that's been active within it's walls for years).


      Initially a new community might need the JIVE team to run with the other users to promote activity, especially in the case where perhaps JIVE as a tool has yet to be adopted across the board.


      I pose the question, is it best to segregate users based perhaps on group permissions in the points and badges race? Or is the competition best ushered forth by the "gods of the arena" that demonstrate that with a few years of fevered development, you too can tower amidst your peers with 57,000+ points.



      Aaron J. Perrotte