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    Jive loggin and search problems

      Members of the Union Wireless Jive Community are experiencing some problems, that I am hoping you can help us with. I was told to file a support claim, but I do not know how to do this.


      Ever since the Jive software update, I have been having problems logging in. It says I have an invalid password and I have to reset the password every time I want to get into the site. Now, I can't even get into the site, because when I reset my password, it re-routs me to the login page, where it once again doesn't remember my password. Others are having this issue as well.


      Also, we have several people who are having trouble searching for content. When they search a term (even something basic they know should have results) they get an error message at the bottom of the
      screen.  They have tried logging out and back in but no luck.


      Please help!