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    How to create my personal agenda?

      I'm registered for Jive World 12 and I've just selected all the sessions I want to attend by clicking "add to favorites." Now I want to see my personal agenda, so I click View Your Agenda," but it's empty. Can you tell me how to display what I've selected?

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          Hi David,


          The personalized agenda is arranged by day so you may be looking at a day where you didn't select any favorites. Try clicking on the tab for another day. If you still don't see any of your selected sessions please post the browser type and version you are using as well your operating system and we'll check for any browser issues. Thanks!

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              Mike, thanks for your reply. I've tried this now 3 times, each time that I select my agenda for day 1, and then go to day 3 or day 3, the previous agenda is wiped out and I have to start over. Same if I start with day 2 or day 3 and go back to day 1....


              I'm logged into www.jivecommunity.com;  do I need to log into the JiveWorld  site separately? I don't see a login or any indication that the site knows who I am,  so it's not clear.


              I'm running Mac OS X v.10.7.4,  using Safari 6.0, but I get the same results with Chrome (21.0.1180.82) and Firefox (14.0.1) -- my agenda is blank once I leave the page.


              When I just tried Firefox,  I wasn't logged in to the Jive site,  but it doesn't look any different than on the other browsers, so I don't know how it would store my agenda if it doesn't know who I am.


              Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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                  Hi David, thanks for the explanation. I think I may know the issue. The personalized choices are stored in a cookie with a very short lifespan so once you close your browser those choices you made are not saved. However if you use one of the Share options on the left it will provide you with a URL that will allow you to revisit the agenda with your personalized selections intact.


                  The JiveWorld site doesn't have login or account functionality so this is the only way to save and revisit and your agenda. I hope this helps, please let me know if I've mis-identified the issue.

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                I have my agenda lined up but how do you print it? When I click print agenda, it does bring up my personal one but then when I click print preview and/or print it, it prints everything? Would love to have a nice detailed printout of my personal agenda. Thanks. Maybe I'm just missing something.