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    Jive Mobile: Do we need to customize our internal  jive community for using Jive Mobile

      We are planning to do a POC for rolling out our internal Jive community on Mobile.

      The instructions on the Jive site seem clear and I will try to implement them.

      We also have the required licenses.


      But as per the discussions on the community it seems that the functionality available for Jive mobile (both the Jive App and the mobile web browser) is limited as compared to the desktop version.


      Can anyone please let me know if


      1) The existing Jive community gets customized to the mobile views automatically, when used from both the Jive Apps or the supported mobile browser?

      2) Or do we need to design a community in a specific way so that it can be rendered properly on the mobile browsers/app?

      3) Also it would be great is someone who has used Jive mobile share any specific issues they have faced using Jive mobile for Jive 5+ versions.


      In short I need to know if any Jive community, when configured with the Jive mobile plugin will be rendered properly on either the app or the browser without any more customizations?