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    Jive World Sales and Marketing Track

      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to invite you to attend the Jive World Sales and Marketing Track.  I'm very excited to be leading this track with speakers from amazing companies - Wells Fargo, SAP, HomeAway, Devoteam, Eloqua, Good Technology, Steelcase, Quest Software, Critical Mass Agency, INXPO (app partner), and HEDLOC (app partner).  Here's some more information about the track, but for full details, check out the JiveWorld site


      This year's track is designed to do 3 things:

      • Illustrate how marketers and sales professionals like you have embraced social to drive real business results
      • Share best practices and stories from the front lines about building a business case, gaining buy-in and implementing Jive
      • Interact with colleagues to develop strategies and key action items to launch next generation marketing and sales teams


      I've been working directly with customers like SAP, Wells Fargo and HomeAway to develop session content that really helps you design strategies to connect with your customers better, get to market faster and close more sales.


      In particular, I'm most excited about the Good Technology session: "Closing the Sale Faster and More Efficiently."  In this session, Brian Carr, SVP World Wide Sales, will explain how he and his team unearthed trends with prospects and customers through sharing discussions and intelligence using Jive.  Through increased visibility of what was happening in the field, Brian will explain how he and his team quickly developed new strategies and closed more deals as a result.


      If you've been to JiveWorld before, you can expect this year's track to give you fresh ways to leverage social business not only for external communities, but also to improve internal team collaboration leading to greater productivity in cross-functional teams.


      If this is your first time to JiveWorld, you'll definitely love the real stories, real people, real results and actionable take aways regarding how you can use social business technology to reshape your marketing and sales teams.


      Unlike what you see at other conferences, this track will encourage your active participation and engagement to develop strategies and tactics that will drive the success of your marketing and sales teams in this 'real-time' economy.


      If you can only make it to one session, be sure to check out "Ringside with the Experts" where you'll be able to interact with marketing and sales professionals at Quest Software (recently acquired by Dell), Steelcase, Critical Mass agency, and Devoteam in a small, speed networking environment.  Make sure you bring all your burning questions!


      cc: Kristen Corpolongo, Jay Kostrzewa, Jason Lax, Lauren Ake, Lindsay May, Kim England, Detlef Vischer, Brad Fitzgerald, Terra Walker Mrkulic`, Katie Burnside, Donna Garber, Diane Slaughter, Katrina Doell, Lori Harrison-Smith, Gary Graeff, Gino Rossi, Alyssa Rosengarden, Gail Moody-Byrd