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    How can I trigger custom behavior using the Jive User-Autocomplete macro?


      I am implementing some custom behavior that I would like to be triggered whenever a user adds or removes a User using the userAutocomplete macro, as:



          multiple: true,

          userParam: 'host',

          startingUsers: startingUsers,

          browseModal: false,

          urls: {

              userAutocomplete: _jive_base_url + '/custom-user-autocomplete.jspa?currentContainerID=${container.ID?c}&currentContainerObjectType=${container.objectType}'


          minInputLength: 2,

          i18nKeys: {

              remove: '<@s.text name="global.remove"/>',

              change: '<@s.text name="global.change"/>',

              browse: '<@s.text name="user.picker.title"/>'




      How can I catch the add/remove events and invoke my own behavior?