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    Recent Activity - One Widget, Multiple Places?


      Usually when someone has a crazy request for a widget, I can edit one of them to make it do what they want. (Thank goodness for Formatted Text, HTML, and RSS. ) This one has me stumped, though.


      We'd like to be able to display recent activity across multiple places in one widget. (As in: Show recent activity from Space A, Group B, and Space C.) Even better, I'd like to do this for places based on a tag. (Show all recent activity for places that are tagged "technology.") There are likely 100 places that we want to have content aggregated from, so 100 separate Recent Activity widgets isn't an option.


      I know the Recent Activity widget won't allow me to select multiple places, but I think this might be possible using an RSS widget and a modified Jive RSS feed. I can almost see this but can't quite grasp how to set up the RSS feed to do this.


      Ideas? Other suggestions? Anyone else do something similar?