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    Naming convention guidelines for groups and spaces?


      Has anyone developed naming convention guidelines for groups and spaces? I realize it is not something that can be enforced, but I'm still looking to make some recommendations & am wondering how others are tackling this. For example, if a team wants both a site for their team and a site for their audience of "partners", how might you  handle that? Perhaps:


      Sharepoint Team Site


      Sharepoint End Users Community



      or, if you have certain words that are used over and over in the title of a site, what are you recommending to people who are concerned that their site is not "first on the search list"? For examlple:

      in a search for the Brand space, someone would see--


      Brandeis Alumni

      Brand Pro Bono Program

      Brand Acquisitions

      Brand Diversity

      Brand Partnership


      so, the Brand space doesn't even appear on the search results-- can we use tags to drive this, and help it show up more often when someone searches under the word "brand"?

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          Hey Melissa -


          A naming convention is something we discussed prior to implementing Jive in March, but didn't.  I go both ways on trying to do something like that.  On one hand my taxonomy experience compels me to want to organize the many groups and spaces in some meaningful way to make searching, @mentioning and filtering easier.  On the other hand, since we allow users to create their own "open" and "members only" groups, it would be impossible to enforce and once the group is created it's a pain to get the name changed.


          What Dennis Pearce came up with (which is think is a really great idea) is to have a "Community Directory" on our home page (our Jive instance is called "Innovate") and encourage users to tag their groups with tags he defined so when someone clicks on one of the category links it will take them to "Places" and display all Groups with that tag.  The naming convention is at a tag level.  By encouraging users to tag their own places they become responsible for their own visibility.  We just use this for groups since we keep our spaces to a minimum. 


          Here is a shot of the Community Directory:


          Community Directory.JPG

          When you click on "how do I add my group" you get the following instructions:






          Hope that helps.



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              Thanks Laura! this sounds like a neat solution. I especially like that you are getting the group owners to own whether the group shows in the directory-- I think some will not care, but for those who do, it would be quite useful! I've been trying to envision how something like this might work for us-- right now, we have a limited "Groups" menu item in the  top nav, but with over 900 groups already, no way they'd ever all be on the list.

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                  Dennis Pearce

                  We are kicking around the idea of taking a similar approach with expertise.  Behind each of the links in the list Laura shared is just a "canned search"  -- basically just the url that takes the user to search results for the given tag filtered on places.  We could develop tags for different types of expertise and do something similar -- a search url for the given tag filtered on people.  We think we might start with the R&D part of the company where expertise is pretty well defined and also where the most demand is for finding  expertise.  The trick is getting a core set of tags that a reasonably sized group agrees on, then hope that interest drives participation, both in users applying existing tags and in creation of new tags.