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    View counts greatly exaggerated - how do you handle?


      All - we are running v4.0.15. One of the things we have noticed is that our view counts that are displayed when you choose one of the container tabs (Discussions or Documents) is seemingly greatly exaggerated. IOW, when we compare a doc # with the views when recorded by Google Analytics for that doc #, they don't even remotely compare with what the Jive front end interface is showing. Not even close in most cases. Upon further investigation, it appears as tho bots and crawlers are driving the counts up, resulting in an inflated view as displayed on the Jive comms. Google Analytics is able to filter out bots in how they record a view. A couple of questions for this group:

      1. Assuming you have had a similar experience, how have you handled it?

      2. some of my colleagues have suggested that since the Jive views are seemingly so inflated that the Views column be removed . Not sure if that can even be done, but would apprecaite feedback from others to this idea (if it can even be done).