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    Profanity word list for foreign language communities?

      Hi everyone,


      We launched a French comm and now working on a German one, but they are all on one instance of Jive. It came to my attention that our profanity list is currently only in English, but we will need it for French, German, and future languages we launch. Is there a place where I can download an entire list instead of having to make those CMs type out each and every word? The English one is rather, er... prolific, so I think we're looking for the same attention to detail for the other languages as well.


      Also, just out of curiosity, does anyone know how this feature works? For example, I noticed the word "crap" is on my list, but if you search my community, the word "crap" is everywhere. Which is fine, because I don't think it's actually profanity, but some of these words, I definitely do NOT want showing up on the site. Plus, the new communities we are launching are a bit gun shy and want to make sure that measures like a profanity filter actually work. And I realized, I don't know how it does/IF it does.