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    Microsoft Project on Jive.

      Is there a plugin on Jive that would allow me the same funcitonality in Microsoft Project that I have in Word and Excel with the Jive plug-in?


      I would be nice if the milestones from MS Project would automatically appear on the calendar in the project.



      James Bouy

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          I'm looking for similar versioning capabilities. This is handled well with Word and Excel but I can't seem to get the same thing working with Project, anyone else seeing this please?

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              Belinda - sorry but there is no similar connector for MS Project (we would love it too).


              There is an idea that you can vote up (and recruit your friends to vote it up too!) here:


              Previous discussions are here Are there thoughts of extending Jive Office to MS Project? and here Is there a plugin or a module which allows integration of Jive with Microsoft project plan?.


              And finally you should follow Mor Avital (as the Goddess of all things Microsoft Connector and generally just a major kick-a** Product Manager) and Tracy Maurer (because every time I think I have an original new idea for the Jive Community I find out Tracy had it a year ago, started a discussion on it and already generated a couple of Ideas about it).

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                  Thanks John, I had already voted for this it seems, and I am definitely following Mor and Tracy. I am saving the ppt out and copying it back, maybe there is a more efficient way to do this. Jive keeps the revision history which is good at least but of course I can't see the changes.

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                      (Mentally moving Belinda into the "Remember she is probably two steps ahead of me” category)…


                      For some projects we will PDF the Project information we want available (Gantt, Resources, Milestones - you know, the usual communication-based tools) and then upload the PDF.  You can get a "poor mans” set of version control by being consistent about uploading revisions to existing document to the exact same document in Jive.  So the process looks like this:


                      1. PDF the file (the first time) in Project.
                      2. Upload the file to your Jive instance.
                      3. Enjoy the preview view you now have.
                      4. Encourage others to follow the file (@ mentions, shares, email, skywriting - the usual)
                      5. When you revise the project and want to publish the changes - PDF the file again.
                      6. Go to the file you uploaded the first time and *EDIT* it, attach the new version.
                      7. Everybody who Followed based on earlier interaction now gets notified that you just updated the file and
                      8. You have the original version still in Jive for reference
                      9. Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.
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                          Perfect, thanks. I may be two steps ahead sometimes but I had completely forgotten I had voted! A great thing about Jive is all the options and there is so much to learn but I will have to keep going over things to make them stick. I am really enjoying it though, I love it already. I'm finding the Android app excellent too, really easy to read and email myself content to add to a links file. I bookmark a lot via a browser too but I need to organise the links that matter so I've started a list.