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    Content Pages or Spaces for Promotions


      The president of my company is a big runner/cyclist and he will be riding his bike through PA, NY NJ & MD to visit with some of our students. I've been asked to promote the trip via our student community. Is it possible to create a "content page" not linked to a specific group or space? If not I think I will simply post it to our News & Events area.


      Space: News & Events | Penn Foster Student Community


      Would you recommend I create a special space just for this event so that we can post polls/photos and have discussions about the trip? Any tips/suggestions are appreciated!

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          Hi Erin,


          You might want to create a project under the News & Events space. That way, you have a dedicated area for this event with discussions, polls and such, and with the same audience (space users). The entire project can be archived when the event is over. And while active, discussions and other news posted in the project can be shown in the content stream of the News & Events space. There are other options like creating a group or simply adding a category in News & Events. The choice depends on how much content you expect to put up and how much collaboration you expect during the course of this bike ride and shortly after.