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    Editing Homepage Permissions


      I'd like to give someone on our communications team access to edit the homepage (in Jive 5) without giving her full admin access, but I can't figure out how to do it. I want her to have the "Homepage" option in the drop-down by her name so she can regularly edit one of the html widgets we have on the homepage.


      I looked around in the Community but didn't see anything quite like what I'm looking for.


      Any insights or guidance would be great!

      Thank you.

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          Hi Genevieve,


          I don't think there's an option for giving someone management of the Home Page only.  You can partially accomplish this by:

          • Going to Admin Console: Permissions > Space Permissions > Edit Default Space Permissions > Create User Override
          • Enter the name of the colleague in question and select when found by the search mechanism.
          • Click Set Exception.
          • Click User Can Manage Space
          • Check Full Control
          • Click Save


          The user will now be able to edit the homepage but will also have very limited access to the admin console.  They will be able to create and manage spaces as well but you can mitigate this by disabling the inheritance of space permissions for those spaces that sit under the default space, and then remove the user override in those same spaces.  If you do this your colleague will be able to create new spaces in the default space but won't be able to manage existing spaces.  This is not exactly what you were looking for but if you could give rules as to what's off limits then maybe this is a solution.


          Perhaps someone else knows of a better way?