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    Sortable Tables in Wiki in SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 ?

      Hi Community,


      we just started to implement the Wiki integrated in SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3; after some search I found out that the Wiki-Software is "Clearspace v1.10.18 dev".


      My Question is: in Wikipedia (i.e. MediaWiki) it is possible to created sortable tables with sort-buttons in the column-headers; is this also possible in Clearspace?


      When it is not possible, I noticed that it is possible to write custom macros, but this seems very complicated because I'm new to Clearspace. Maybe someone has implemented such a macro before


      I'm happy for every answer.






      Hi Community,  it seems that no one else has this problem so I solved it by myself; I found a Java-Scipt which sorts tables, then I modified the template "document.tfl" to load the Java-Script.  It works great for me...  Maybe next time.  Oliver