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    Popular Content Widget -- Definition / Algorithm?

      Could someone from the Jive product team please provide a clear definition of the algorithm used for the Popular Content Widget?


      I've seen lots of chatter in the forums and even conflicting information in the Jive documentation about what factors are included in the algorithm for this widget.


      I believe the following factors are included, but I haven't found anything definitive from Jive to confirm:

      • Views
      • Likes
      • Ratings
      • Bookmarks
      • Some kind of time decay calculation so that as these factors become older, the content asset no longer shows up


      I've also seen reference to some other factors possibly factoring into the Popular Content widget, but I think they may not (but again, no clear definition from Jive):

      • Number of edits on a document
      • Number of comment on blogs
      • Number of replies to discussion threads
      • Shares


      If there is a definitive document or something in Jive documentation that provides a clear answer to this, please provide the link.


      Thank you!


        • Re: Popular Content Widget -- Definition / Algorithm?

          I had a ticket open about this a while back and here are the answers I got:

          Top Content:

          Only looks at like and is calculated over all time (not by month).


          Latest/Recent Content:

          This is content from the last month or less if there is enough content to fill the list.


          Popular Content:

          Popularity is determined by calculation of activity with each type of activity having an assigned number of points (point assignment is unknown). Content becomes popular when you rate or like it. Popularity affects whether you see that content in the most popular content widgets found in Your View (your personalized home page). The more people who give a 3- to 5-star rating, like, or even view a piece of content, the more popular it becomes. Popularity can help place focus on content that is exceptionally useful.  These explain what is used for determining popular content:


          •     bookmarks < included
          •     shares < Not included
          •     follows < Not included
          •     document ratings < included
          •     views < included
          •     likes < included