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    Should 'invite' be a 'direct social action'?


      When playing around with Jive recently I found that the notification system does not quite work in the way I might expect.


      One of our users was trying to create a private/closed event. It turns out that if you invite users to an event, they do not get an email by default. Subsequently no one actually knows about the event.


      If you 'share' the event with them, they DO get an email, but as they aren't invited they can't actually join (a private event) unless you duplicate your effort and invite them all as well.


      I would have thought that something like 'invite' is a direct social action like @mention, share and direct message, and as such should send an email.


      What do you think?  At the very least the invite page should have the option to send an email as well?


      Have there been any improvements to this in 6? EAP