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    Who is using Google Analytics extensively?


      I am overall community admin at Mentor Grpahics. We are running v4.0.15 (and beginning to eval v5.0.3) for our external communities, and do not have the Analytics module on our on prem system. We are using GA for a lot of tracking of our Jive communities, but I am not realizing the full power or benefit. Was wondering if any in this group who may have pretty strong chops with GA would be willing to get on the phone with me for an exchange of best practices/experience around using GA with Jive.


      For example, I am looking at figuring out how to implement an Event in GA to do things like determine who has logged in, certain docs opened/downloaded, etc.


      I have been going thru the various tutorials on the GA site, but shared first hand experience is compelling.


      Mentor is a technical software company, and the communities serve mostly (at this point) as a developer community, but with support issues frequently bubbling up. We are beginning to see efforts at moving these toward more 'support communities' but it is an ....interesting process.


      Thanks in advance for anyone willing to chat.  Best to just contact me directly at gordon_sorensen@mentor.com, and we can arrange a time.