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    Link the Jive Community account to the Facebook account


      I was trying to connect my Jive Community account to my Facebook account but when I click on the Hyperlink on my profile page it didn´t work and nothing happens.

      What can i do?


      Best regards


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          Brilliant question, same in my side - but no answer

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            Very interesting indeed ... I just linked and unlinked my account in 4 different browsers and it worked just fine.


            A couple questions:

            • When you click the link you should see a dialog asking you to confirm if you want to link / unlink your account.  Is this confirmation dialog popping up for you or are you really, truly seeing nothing happen when you click the link?
              • If this is where we are stuck, there is likely a browser incompatibility with the JavaScript we are using to link accounts.
              • Is there any error in the JavaScript console (varies per browser how to access this) when you click the link?
            • Are you logged into Facebook already when you are linking your account?  If you are then you likely won't see anything, the label telling you to link or unlink should change, but other than that you will not notice anything.
              • If so, can you log out of Facebook and then try to link your account.  Instead of doing "nothing" a Facebook login dialog should appear and ask you to log into Facebook before performing the actual account linking.  Once Facebook has been authenticated, it should then link your account, if Facebook is throwing some kind of error we should be able to be seen.


            Seems to be intermittent as to when this is misbehaving.  Will need to try to get some more context and figure out what is causing the failure for some users.  This is the first that I've heard of any account linking / unlinking issues, but would be happy to try to help track them down and get a fix in place is something is in error within the plugin.

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