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    Way for Recent Content Widget to show only Created by person?



      Is there a way to setup the Recent Content widget, so that it only shows the original Created by person?


      I am new to Jive, am in the test phase with my community now, and I editted a post by someone else, to add a link to a website they referenced, but now on the main page, it shows up as a post by me vs the person who Created it.  This really dilutes the value of the post (I want people to know who posted from the summary/main page), and if there is no way to show just the Created by person, then it means I need to completely avoid ever editting any posts; which in turn means if there is something small that needs to be updated, I need to directly contact the original poster, and ask them to update their post.


      Surely you can see the inefficiency here, so am hoping someone knows some way I can adjuste the Recent Content widget.


      Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated.


      Thank you!