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    Why limit one blog per place?

      I see that Jive 5 allows no more than one blog to be associated with a space, group, project, or person. (Per Jive Documentation)


      I am pretty sure Jive has a "social" reason for limiting the product in this way. Can someone please explain?


      It appears that Jive 5 allows any number of "system blogs." So I understand that I can create as many blogs as I want. But using "system blogs" to do this seems like a hack on my part to evade a deliberate design decision by Jive...


      Use case: I want to create a space that will be associated with one of our software products. Within that space there will be several categories to help people filter the discussion. A couple managers associated with this product want to post announcements, which sounds to me like I should set them up as co-authors of a Product Announcements blog. One of these managers also wants 3-5 of his colleagues to have a blog about an "early adopter program." I don't really think they need a group or project associated with the early adopter program. I just want to give them a blog and have that blog associated with the same space that has a product announcement blog.


      More generally, one blog per place makes as much sense to me as one newspaper per town. (I.e., it's OK but it's not ideal.)


      Thanks for shedding light on this

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            I think some of what you're looking for can be accomplished with Categories within your place.


            Jive limits to "one blog" for the same reason they limit "one document set" in a place as well. This makes for a much simpler model that is much easier for users to understand. Compare to something like SharePoint where you could have multiple "document libraries" - this is confusing for many users.


            If the blogs are really so disparate in focus and content then I think splitting the community into two would be appropriate.

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              Another option is for people to use their own personal blogs to post the information, and add some specific tags. Then you can use a Watch a Tag widget and display the posts for a specific tag on the overview, giving the widget whatever title you feel is appropriate for the subject.