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    Permissions (access control list) for particular resource

      Hi experts,


      I am new to Jive and have just started to work with the API. It is possible for a Jive resource (blog, forum, attachement, project, person profile, sotial group) to collect all user groups with a permission to READ this resource? My organization plan to integrate Jive with an external search engine. We would like to export the Jive content (all blogs, forums etc) and send it to the search engine as JSON or XML. For each resource we need the information about user groups to store it in the index. As far as I know it is possible to see if a user has access to an object or is member of a particular user group (interface PermissionsManager). It is possible to see which user groups (as al ist) has READ access to an object?


      I would like to construct something like this:













      thanks in advance for your help