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    Determining site visit frequency


      One standard measure of website usage has to do with site visit frequency -- for example, how many times per month does an average user visit our Jive site?  Or what percentage of our users are visiting our Jive site 2 or more times per month?


      We owe a metric like this to our Board of Directors on a semi-annual basis, and we want to be able to track this on a monthly basis to determine our progress towards the Board's goals.


      We are using the Community Manager Reports and we have also downloaded the databases available in the cloud tool (our instance is hosted by Jive).

      However, we cannot figure out where / how / whether / with what tools a measure such as "What % of our site users are visiting 2x or more each month?" could be calculated.  Ideally we would also be able to slice the data by user-type as well.


      Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.  Also if anyone knows of any documentation of the databases that we've downloaded - more than just the names of tables and columns - that would be helpful!